Bok prijatelji,

today I´m two month in Vukovar and it is my last day here. Maybe you ask yourself now: "VukoWHAT? Why? And what did Robin do there?"
Here are the answers to the questions you have:
Vukovar is a small town in Croatia. It is right at the river Danube and the border to Serbia. I could tell you now about the tragic history, that it got totally destroyed during the Balkan wars.
But I won´t.

I will tell you about the wonderful people, that make this city so colourful. Some of these people work in a organisation called Youth Peace Group Danube YPGD. These people work steady to fight intolerance, to improve the art and music scene and to give a space for children, where they can play and develop there creativity.
The last weeks I was part of this and made some incredible experiences. All of this would not be possible without an international crew from all over Europe, that I´m proud to call my friends now. We started workshops on the river island Ada. Than we renovated some parts of the Youth centre and built some furniture. VukoART was an art exhibition, that supported local artists.
And not to forget the Vukovar Film Festival. One week full of movies. Movies from all over the world like Česká Pivní Válka / Czech Beer War, which describes the czech tradition of brewing beer fighting for recognition in a more and more globalising world. To Soul Exodus, a movie about a group of musicians, that travel trough Europe and rediscover the lost Yiddish music.
But the best were the international evenings. Once a week we presented our national cultures and traditions to the local people. There was Lasagne from Italy, Quiche from the heart of France, Portuguese music, Spanish dances to wild rhythms, Donauwellen from Germany, Pierogi from Poland and Hungarian Lángos and Pörkölt. I have the feeling that I have travelled trough all of Europe by taste the last weeks.
This whole experience would not have been possible without Agapedia Kinderzentrum Esslingen. The organisation in Germany that has send me here. Agapedia works since 1995 to improve the situation for kids all over the world and they have some really great projects like this European Voluntary Service here in Croatia.

Thanks for making this possible and thanks to everyone I have met on this incredible Adventure. When I will go home one of my eyes will cry because I will miss all of this in Vukovar and my friends all over Europe and the other eye will smile about every adventure I have had here.



Članak je 1.rujna na svom Facebook profilu objavio EVS volonter Robin Marx iz Njemačke koji je sudjelovao u projektu "Summer games for children and youth" Mirovne grupe mladih Dunav.

The article was published 1st of September on Facebook profile of EVS volunteer Robin Marx from Germany, which has participated in the Youth Peace Group Danube project "Summer games for children and youth".