From 20th to 30th of September, we organize a youth exchange ‘Art Tolerant” in YPGD with 35 participants from 7 different countries (Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Poland and Croatia). Youth exchange allows groups of young people to meet, live together and work on shared projects for short period. This is the opportunity for these youth to learn about another culture and share their own in positive and fun atmosphere through non formal activities.

During these 10 days, they will explore ways to actively express tolerance through art. Every day, different activities where they can work together, use digital drawing, video, photography, creative writing, music, panel painting, theatre, dance to find their own way to express tolerance.

This topic was chosen to increase youngsters knowledge about different cultures, history, religions and ways to express them in a positive and respectful way, to develop creativity of young people in civil life trough artistic expression, and to learn how to respect each opinion and break stereotypes through teamwork and discussions.


To see the result of this Youth exchange and to connect with local community on 28th September, participants will organize an event open for the public.


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