Hi everyone, my name is Sarah, I’m a volunteer from France and I stay in Vukovar for six month, until September for an EVS. Now, it’s not the time to explain what is EVS, but in one way, you’ll see what kind activity we can do.



 So today, I chose to speak about Strukovna škola in Borovo. But why? For me this experience was one of the best in my EVS. For the first time, I went to a high school to teach a French class. When Jakob, my supervisor, asked me to do this activity, I was completely stressed. First because it’s with student around 16, 17 years old, so there’s not an immense difference between us and me, then because I had no idea how to teach, I didn’t know their level. It was a challenge for me, definitely.

But when you have this kind of challenge, just say YES. Even if you failed, you can always learn with your mistakes (I think you know this proverb so popular, but it was the perfect moment to put now).

So let’s go, with my copilot Ana, we went on the 1st of June, in the afternoon. Even Ana was anxious, so what to do? We had time, the solution is simple: “beer time”, in order to decompress before the class (and it works, for sure, but don’t drink more, NO).

I remember when we arrived in front of this school, belly full of beer, trying to put myself in the shoes of a teacher. But you know, this is the good point of this EVS, you always have a group support with the other volunteers (YPGD crew, thanks).

So this is how to deal with this type of activity:

  • First step, find the teacher, Milina, I have no idea how she is, if she will speak in French, English or maybe Croatian! But “ouf”, we find a nice student to lead us to the teacher. At the same time, we discover the school full of teenager who are looking to us and asking certainly who we are.
  • Then Milina appear, and she’s speaking good French! A stress less, although I’m confused between French and English.
  • Next step, meet the students. She opens the door and first contact with them, “Bonjour, bonjour!” I think directly “did they understand?” I hope, I hope.
  • Then, we start to introduce ourselves, name, age, country, EVS… And now it’s their turn, name and one word in French (at this point, they think, “why, why we have to speak French?” even if they don’t say anything, I can read their thoughts). But focus, smile, look to Ana, bring your energy and good mood, and everything will be ok!
  • Around 10 students, so of course, when they said their name, 2 minutes later, I don’t remember any name. Well, I can show with my fingers to designate someone, so it’s ok.
  • And now, it’s time to play a game, the BANG BANG game! The rule is simple, divide the class in two groups, first 2 of each group will fight face to face, and I have to show pictures of object, and they have to guess the name in French, the first have to say the word and “bang bang” to kill the other player.
  • But there is one thing; they don’t know the name in French. HA! So, polako, and first it’s to teach them. And the game start, they seem interested, it’s funny, I think for them and also for us!
  • But it’s not the end, surprise, they ask us to play the same game, but in Croatian, Ana against me. Perfect way to know what they think about this game! Maybe it’s the best part for them, to listen to us to “speak” Croatian.
  • Almost the end of the game, nothing else to do, but sometimes I’m lucky, so the bell ring!
  • Few pictures with all the students, to memorize this moment, this hour, and we say goodbye. Also bye to the teacher Milina, who is really welcoming and a nice person.
  • And again in front of the school, but direction Vukovar this time. No, no, no, not really, we have to wait the bus, so you, the readers, try to guess what we did, or drank…

Thank you to all the students and teachers, it was a great experience, maybe it seems completely simple without difficulties, but for me, it was a big step to take the initiative to go to this school.

"Chaque difficulté rencontrée doit être l'occasion d'un nouveau progrès." Think about this.

To je to, bye et bisous!