Interview to Fiona Hanke

First a few facts about yourself.

My name is Fiona, I am from Bremen, Germany and for now I am living in Vukovar, Croatia. We are 6 EVS volunteers and live all together in “plava kuca” and we are working in a youth organization called YPGD.

Describe yourself in 3/5 words.

Ohh, tough question Sarita.. I would say: honest, creative, helpful and inpatient.

Why do you do EVS? And how do you like it as a volunteer?

I always had the plan to go abroad after high school and after I finally finished it the project found me, I got an E-mail that there are still searching for an volunteer from Germany, so I applied and here I am. EVS is a really awesome experience! It is the best thing I could have done and I am really glad to be here! I am volunteering here in this youth organization and also I had the opportunity to work with refugees, where I felt really needed, and also I volunteered in some festivals.. All this volunteering was nice and felt good.

Describe Croatia in three words.

Burek, Rakja and beautiful nature (that count as one word, right?!)

Can you tell me your favorite places in Croatia?

Split, Ada (Vukovar), Adica (Vukovar), Puskas aaaand Chiara (pizza place in Vukovar) naravno.

Why do you like Vukovar?

Its so different from my hometown, maybe some people would see that as a negative thing, but I don't. Vukovar has beautiful places and it is something special.

How is your work in YPGD?

It is really nice to work here! I like to work with kids and I do enjoy to lead creative workshops, which I never thought I will like. Also I connected one of my hobbies with the work, I am designing posters, flayers and so on.

What was the biggest challenge in your EVS life?

The “hardest” part was actually to come here. Because I had a lot of fears. I didn't want to leave my family and friends for a whole year but also I wanted to have this adventure. I was sad and happy, BUT I have to say that since I was at the airport in Bremen I was just so exited. So the happy side was stronger.. as I said it is the best experience in my life!

Do you think you grew up with this experience?

Yes, of course! I improved my skills, learned my weaknesses and found out what I want to do in my life and in general I learned more about myself!

What was your craziest experience recently?

Dancing in really strong rain at 5 in the morning..

Describe your perfect day in Vukovar

- A silent morning, without everyone shouting

- A good working day with creative workshops

- Some veggie lasagne as lunch in plava kuca with everyone together

- Enjoying the sun outside with a nice walk and maybe some ice cream from Jerry

- Then chilling in the garden, or watching a movie



 Whats the thing you will never forget about Croatia and your EVS life?

I hope I will never forget this feeling here, I am more relaxed and take things more easy. And of course I will not forget the people and burek! ;)


And the last and most important question is: Which football team are you supporting? German one or Croatian?

Actually none for real, I am not into football that much.. But just because I know that some people want a better answer.. Still I am supporting the German team, I am sorrrry <3


Thank you Sarah for the questions, it was an awesome Interview!
If anyone of you is thinking of doing an EVS, then please go over your fears! I know its hard, for some more than for others.. But you will not regret it!